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ADVOPATENT Office of Patent and Trademark Attorneys
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In 1971 several patent attorneys working in the state-owned offices had the idea of establishing an independent patent office that would, as far as possible, be free of state ties. However, at that time it was not possible to set up a private office of patent attorneys, and it was not permitted to practice privately either. A patent office working within a law office seemed to best suit the individual nature of the work of patent attorneys, where the activity of patent attorneys, closely related in many respects to law and copyright activities, could be carried out under the best possible circumstances. The then 29th Law Office in Budapest was one of the law offices that were ready and willing to create such an organisation. Following the agreement achieved with the head of the Bar Association in 1972 ADVOPATENT Patent Office started operations in January 1973 within the above Law Office with one patent attorney. In the same year in September the office had two patent attorneys and in October the number of patent attorneys increased to three. In 1976 our office was one of the few offices that were first entitled to represent foreign cases in Hungary in accordance with Ministry of Justice decree No. IM 80.060/5/1976.

For nearly 20 years the office worked within this Law Office. Then in 1991 it became possible to become independent. We immediately made use of the opportunities provided by the new system, and keeping our name, which was already known in Hungary and abroad, we founded the independent ADVOPATENT Office of Patent and Trademark Attorneys.
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